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colorsbreak asked
Hello darling. I'm Jazmin. Nice to meet you

Hi, nice to meet you too :)

Going to Lyon tomorrow, boarding school on Monday and school officially starts again on Tuesday. I guess this is it then, the big jump in the unknown. I’m actually hella scared right now, I’ve never been in boarding school but I’m pretty sure I’m gonna hate it, I’m gonna have to share my room with people ugh. And I have to try and make friends otherwise this is really gonna suck, but I really don’t know how to go to ppl and talk to them and socialize omg. 


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almostnormalboy asked
Margaery Tyrell, Jaime Lannister and Cersei Lannister. (yeah I know, all from A Song of Ice and Fire, but that's literally the first I think of when I think about you)

I like this. I like this a lot. 

Imagine it’s 20 years from now. You’re happily married. You live in a beautiful home with a huge yard. Your partner and you picked the big yard on purpose, because you knew your ten-year-old daughter would want to use it to run around and play. Your sweet, innocent, energetic daughter you would do anything for. The gorgeous daughter you look at until you feel your heart might explode.

Fast-forward two years, and your daughter stumbles upon the pro-ana community. You search her internet history and find her looking at the very images you, yourself, posted on your Tumblr 20 years previous. You find she has posted some of these images onto her own blog — black and white images of thin people, quotes about starving yourself, ABC diets — and the heart that you thought may explode slowly breaks. Tears stream down your face because you can’t bear to see the images in front of you, the images you know are hurting your beloved daughter, the daughter you see as perfect. You cry because she doesn’t see herself the way you do.

Now come back to the present.

You wouldn’t want your daughter to see your blog the way it is now, would you?

Every time you reblog something, ask yourself if you would want your future child to look at it. If the answer is no, don’t do it. Who knows how many daughters or sons you may hurt in the present if you did?

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Since I’ve been more than over a year here and I’m close to 10k followers I decided to celebrate it with a giveaway!

This giveaway is mostly items that I had laying around and decided it would be better to give it to someone else.

The only item that multiple people can win (x5) is a portrait of themselves as shown in picture 4.

There will be 10 winners (random # generator).

This giveaway ends on the 1st of November 2014, 11pm BST.

Rules (to enter/ for a chance to win): 

  • Must be following me (flowerlock).
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  • No giveaway blogs.
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For any questions you can contact me here.

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Good Luck!

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tell me about yourself (◡‿◡✿)


name: Héloïse
age: 17
sexuality: straight(???)
eye color: blue
height: 163 cm or something like that


favourite season?: summer and spring
favourite movie/s?: Bent, The Nightmare Before Christmas
favourite album?:  Vieux Frère
favourite band?: FAUVE
favourite quote?:  "Sleep is good. And Books are better." GRRM
favourite shirt?: a black tank top with lace in the back and on both sides

  • DO YOU

smoke?: nope
drink?: yep
write?: i try
draw?: not really
play an instrument?: i used to play the piano


your favourite place: my future house. I’ve been there only three times but holy fuck I wanna go back - only a month to go yay! - The house is a former watermill so there’s water flowing under the living room, the kitchen is hella big with awesome cooking stuff bc the ppl selling the house are cooks, each bed room has its own bathroom and toilets, my brother’s room is literally the whole upper floor, there’s even a small kitchen. There’s an extra room for guests so now when I’ll have a friend at home they can have their own bedroom and bathroom and all. My bathroom is on the lowest floor while my bedroom is on the first floor so I’ve got a stair way in my room and I love this - basically I chose my room only bc of the stairway hm (and also my bathromm is the only one with a bathtub, the other ones have showers) - and I also have a little gym room with a treadmill and an exercise bike, with a window that overlooks the river. The owners of the house said I can fish or dive from that window bc it’s just above the deepest part of the river. Also the whole house is amazingly beautiful, neat decoration and all, and we get it with the furniture bc the owners are leaving for Morocco so they can’t take anything. And there’s an incredibly big garden, with plenty of room for my dogs and all, we also get to keep the owner’s donkey and pony bc they didn’t know what to do of them and they prefer to know that they’re still with us. And I won’t even regret my actual garden’s fruit bc the new house’s one also got plenty of fruits. So yeah, I fucking love that place omg.
your favourite memory: a party I went to last summer, it was crazy omg. The fridge was full of aclohol, I was literally the only one who brought a non-alcoholic drink, all my friends were there and we met new people, the music and lights and all were super cool, there were water pipes and also a lot of weed running around. Best party ever tbh
your ideal partner: Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, basically. Or Simon Baker. Or Natalie Dormer. (Or my douchebag of a crush.)
your bedroom: right now it looks really sad bc I took down everything that was on my walls, and there are boxes with my things for moving, and also I’m packing things for boarding school so there are bags and clothes and my suitcase lying on the floor, and my library is empty bc I put all my books is a box as well. 

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I was tagged by almostnormalboy yay

1. What was your first anime and how old were you? 

Well I never really watched any anime sorry :(

2. In what position and from what device are you currently blogging? 

I’m sitting at our kitchen’s table, blogging from my computer.

3. What’s the next thing you’re planning to buy? 

idk I went to H&M two days ago and saw a few things I’d like to buy, so maybe I’ll use my first weekend alone in Lyon to go shopping…

4. Would you rather know when you’ll die or how you’ll die? (you have to choose, not “neither”) 

I guess it’s better if you know when you’ll die, that way you can plan things a little idk. What use would it be to know how you’ll die if you cannot prevent it anyway?

5. Wild grass or neatly kept lawn? 

Wild grass :3

6. In what order do you usually put your clothes on? 

underwears - obviously hm - then pants/shorts then a top. Or sometimes I just wander around the house wearing only pants and a bra :’)

7. Which is worse High School Musical or Twilight?

Tbh I never watched HSM nor Twilight, but probably both idk. 

8. In what fictional universe would you most like to live? (HP, LOTR…) 


9. What are you proud of about yourself? 

Lately, my exams’ results tbh. 

10. Sum up the plot of of the last thing you watched/read. Don’t say what the thing is. (you can say it in the tags or at the end of the post for your followers to guess!) 

Alright there was a murder and a detective paid to solve it. The detective’s mom helped him but in fact she was spying on him bc she’d learned he was trying to get a book published and she thought it was about his childhood with her, when in fact the detective wanted the book to be published so that his lost daughter could maybe find him. To help him solve the murder the detective also got the help from his friend who’s a pie maker, the pie maker’s girlfriend, who is in fact dead and was brought back to life by him, and the pie maker’s employee, who is in love with him. The girlfriend and the employee were roommates but they got in a fight at some point, while the pie maker realized he missed his girlfriend and was afraid to lose her bc she spends more time with the employee than with him, but in the end, after solving the murder and getting the girlfriend almost killed, the two girls solve their problem and the girlfriend moves back in with the pie maker, while the detective explains everything about the book to his mom. THE END. (this is awful omg I’m pretty sure I don’t understand it myself)

11. will you marry me write a happy thing/funny fact/cute joke to make me smile! 

of course i’ll marry you i’m just not so sure your boyfriend would agree

ugh I’m bad at jokes let’s just try with a happy thing : random pic of my dog looking like a sealI’ll just take the previous questions I wrote for this tag if anyone wants to answer them

  1. What’s your longest friendship?
  2. What question have you always asked yourself?
  3. What’s the last thing that made you smile?
  4. What’s the thing you’re proudest of?
  5. If you like anyone right now, what made you like them? If you don’t like anyone then describe someone you’d like 
  6. What are you looking forward to right now?
  7. What do you like most about yourself?
  8. What is your happiest memory?
  9. What is the best thing that happened to you this year so far?
  10. What’s the perfect place to go on vacation? 
  11. What’s the most beautiful thing you can think of?

"Eating Isn’t Very Chanel"



Friendly reminder that Coco Chanel was a nazi and you are helping to fight against Hitler with every bite of food you take.

she was also very homophobic
support equal rights and feed your body




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